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This is the biggest and best REAL WORLD development in portable audio EVER and can be incorporated into your home Hi-Fi as well, its that good.

Experience the phenomenal world of music!

The Astell&Kern is the portable MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) audio system that brings the original sound, bit-to-bit, right at the moment of the studio recording. Astell&Kern is the way music is meant to be heard.

Supports all major file formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, ALAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC & ASF.

The finest Hi-Fi Audio performance in a very compact package

The AK120 provides a true dual-mono audio output, completely independent left and right audio channels that provide wider dynamic range and broader soundstage.

Supports up to 192GB of total memory

Professional inspired EQ settings

Astell&Kern's new flagship portable DAP has arrived.

Building on the strengths of the AK100, the AK120 provides a true dual-mono audio output giving a lower noise floor, wider dynamic range and a broader sound stage. Other new and improved features include gapless playback, 64GB of internal memory and an updated user interface, with support for streaming to the DAC over USB (in addition to optical) and playback of DSD files coming in the next few weeks via firware updates. Compared with the AK100, the AK120 also has a lower output impedance at 3ohms, which makes it easier to match with lower impedance IEMs.

A shade longer than the AK100 to accommodate the upgraded electronics, the AK120 still fits easily in the palm of the hand or a shirt pocket.

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A practical Hi-Fi audio solution in a portable package

Only now can you have studio quality sound in a compact hand-held player with a 16 hour battery life. From now on, you do not have to compromise quality for convenience - the new AK100 portable studio quality (24bit 192K) does away with MP3 compressed music quality at a stroke. In the car, on the train or plane, working out at the Gym - indeed anywhere you want to listen to music - can now be at the same quality as heard in the recording studio - or indeed, at CD quality from your ripped CD collection.

And that is not all you get. The AK100 sounds as good as any CD player costing twice as much when listening to ripped CD's in Flac - and you get the advantage of listening to High Res. tracks through your home Hi-Fi as well - and that's out of the analogue output. You can also stream to a DAC through the optical connection (Toslink) or USB connection into a home streaming device, and expect bit perfect music quality.

Equipped with the Wolfson WM8740 DAC
Compatible as an External Optical DAC
Volume Wheel & Aluminum Body
Volume wheel gives an analog feel to the fingertips.
Detailed hairline pattern of aluminum body gives a luxurious look and feel.

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