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SC-6LS Preamplifier

A compact-sized linestage preamplifier with full-sized features. Designed to drive power amps like the Cayin 860 and 800MK, it's tube compliment consists of two 12AX7EH, two 12AU7EH and one 5AR4. The huge capsuled toroidal power transformer prevents magnetic leakage to give very quiet performance and full dynamic music reproduction.  Cayin's first dedicated high-end preamp, built to the same exacting standards that apply to their integrated and power amps. Yet again Cayin comes through with a gorgeous, hand-made piece - the same classic tube sound and classic tube look.

SC-10 Preamplifier

This top of the line preamplifier features tube rectification and gain in a classic dual monaural layout. Totally transparent yet rich with detail, this all tube preamplifier sets a new benchmark in ultra high performance audio. Designed and engineered using the finest components, the SC-10 gives ruler flat response, tremendous bandwidth, huge dynamic range, and low levels of distortion. The SC-10 utilizes four 6922 and two 5AR4 tubes coupled with two separate power packs in a dual mono-configuration giving the SC-10 unsurpassed control over all types of sonic requirements. A true reference sound with typical Cayin value.

Pre Amplifier Cayin SP-30S
Besides using the integrated amplifier SP-10A that was praised by the press, you can build up a more flexible system with the separate pre amplifier Cayin SP-30S. So you keep all benefits of the traditional style in sound and design, but can drive more critical speakers with more power than the main amp Cayin SP-40M is capable. The pre amp can be controlled with the very attractive system remote made of aluminium and wood to reflect the design of the whole SP range. The sound is as classical as the retro look – a well-balanced reminiscence to the golden age of Hi-Fi.

Integrated amplifiers

A-50T integrated amplifier

This rigid build  low-price amp features remote control for all functions, including ULTRALINEAR/TRIODE switching.  The sound of this integrated amp is sweet and detailed, with the dynamics and low-end authority of a much larger amp. User bias control is accessible on top of the amplifiers panel.The capsuled toroidal power transformer prevents magnetic leakage to give very quiet performance. With this heavy transformer the amp has sufficient power to drive most small and medium size speakers.

A-55T Integrated Amplifier
This is the more powerful version of the A-50T. The Cayin A-55T boosts additional 5 Watts and sounds more rich. This is made possible by employing four KT88 valves instead of the EL34 used in the smaller brother. No questions asked, this amp sounds more powerful and gives you additional flexibility when choosing adequate speakers.

Integrated Amplifier Cayin A-300B

This single ended class A integrated amplifier is equipped with a sophisticated rectifying stage using a pair of 5AR4 (GZ34) tubes. The selected mesh plate 300 B tubes discover the most delicate nuances of sound. The remote control operates all functions of the A-300B: even the feedback level can be varied in two steps. On the top of the amps panel, it is possible to readjust the bias level of the power valves quickly without opening the cover.


Lyric Ti 120
Lyrical masterpieces often can be judged only by following generations. In case of the lyric Ti120, the Hi-Fi world doesn’t need to wait that long. Even the first measurements showed equal power output for both versions of the amplifier circuit, no matter which valve types were used. That was a big surprise, because even our own engineers didn’t expect the EL34 producing the same rated output power of 70 watts x 2 at 1% THD like the KT88 did.

What everyone may expect from Lyric is the characteristically point-to-point wiring throughout the whole amplifier and the handy remote control. This remote control will control volume, select input and switch between two negative feedback modes.

Output tube bias can be fine-tuned by using LEDs readout with the adjusting trim potentiometers on top of the chassis panel. So output tubes like the KT88, KT66, 6550, 6L6 or EL34 can be easily changed and quickly readjusted. You have the choice between the different sounds of each set of output tubes.  In any case, the sonic benefits of the high quality mains transformer are recognizable at once.

The amp was designed in Germany by or chief engineer Stefan Noll, who is regarded as an expert in terms of valve technology.

Lyric Ti 120 Signature M Integrated Amplifier

This integrated amplifier managed to get honoured by the award “outstanding” by the German Hi-Fi magazine “stereoplay” and has been  classified for the magazines top class amplifier category.

But this did not prevent us from upgrading it with the intense knowledge of our in house valve specialist Stefan Noll. Still preserving the extremely good value for money relation, he enhanced four important points. Instead of four EL-34 valves he took the even more sophisticated KT88 from JJ Electronics. This ensures higher resolution of delicate sound. More precision in the bass range is archived by filter capacitors made by the British company BHC. Additionally the legendary M-Cap capacitors in the input and the driver stages ensure fine and spacious high range reproduction. Last but not least we apply quicker rectifiers to improve the impulse range of this superb valve amp.

Still the Signature M features the same remote control and the convenient user external bias fine adjustment of the original Ti120.

Lyric Ti24 Integrated Amplifier: Mini meets MP3

Imagine you could connect your MP3-Player, PC or Laptop directly to the rich and overwhelming sound of the golden 60ies. This compact integrated valve amp with integrated D/A converter is compatible to USB components and a wide range of applications. That’s because it is not only open for the future, but also not too expensive. To keep it small without sacrificing the sound quality, the amplifier section and the power supply are divided into two separate cabinets that protect the musical signals from interferences. Connect your source components with the two RCA stereo terminals or the USB interface and listen to powerful, emotionally pleasing and highly natural sound from your stereo speakers. For private auditions you can also plug in your phones at the backside of the Ti24. In any case, you’ll easily discover the magic of these timeless Lyrics.

Cayin A-100T
This integrated valve amplifier looks as good as it sounds. The owner may adjust the bias of the power valves by using gain controls and a high precision VU meter on the outside of the amp. To control the input voltage of the power stage, the A-100T uses a 6CG7 type valve, which improves the stability of the four KT88 for each channel. This makes the frequency range of the power stage more linear. That may sound very complex to anyone not involved in the secrets of valve design, but you don’t need to be a technical expert to feel the beauty of sound reproduction, which is possible by connecting the Cayin A-100T to your speakers. The superior sound quality is also depending on fine-tuning each single A-100T in Germany before we deliver it to our clients in Europe.


Cayin VP-100i Integrated Amplifier

This new integrated amplifier is based on the Cayin Ti88, which was very successful and highly acclaimed by the reviews of German audio magazines. Unlike its predecessor the VP-100i gains stability and control by the use of a 6SN7 type valve in the power supply of the input stage. Strong Twin-Triode valves in the driving stage for the power amp section with its four KT88 type valves raise this integrated amp to a new level of dynamic performance. If you may want to tweak your amp, just use of the bias adjustment that is accessible from the top of chassis panel.



2 x 70 Watts are produced by four Russian NOS GU-29 tubes in Class A/B mode via POINT to POINT wiring. The timbre of this integrated amplifier inspires as much as the immaculate optics. The Cayin 500 combines colorful musical illustration with a high degree of analytic reproduction.


500 MK

The improved, even more powerful version of our best selling tube amp, the Cayin 500 delivers impressive 75 Watts RMS per channel. It is capable of a three dimensional, seamless reproduction of music with unbelieveable dynamic potential allowing a relaxed listening. To ensure the highest performance standards we use well matched sets of input/driver and output tubes, symmetric and bias adjustments are carefully made after a tube burn in period of 50 hrs.


There are lots of retro Hi-Fi components today. But this one is different. Instead of only copying the design of the 60ties and 70ties, the SP-10A also sounds like amplifiers used to sound at that time: rich, smooth and warm. Small wonder, it still uses the same basic technology with four 6L6 power valves in the output stage.

The press was impressed by that smart combination of traditional values and traditional craftsmanship. Renowned German reviewer Johannes Maier remarked in his testreport in “stereoplay 5/08”, that the whole construction is well designed from the gold plated inputs through the circuit layout to the solid copper speaker terminals.

A class of it’s own is the remote made of aluminium with fine wooden side panels. It not only controls the amplifier, but also the CD-Player SP-CD300.

Power Amplifiers

Cayin 9088 D

It looks like a modern piece of art, but it still keeps the virtues of its rare kind. The mono block amplifiers Cayin 9088D feature a fine selection of tubes – 2 x 845, 1 x  6SL7, 1 x 300B for each of them – and a front display for every amp which is as decorative as useful. With the meter, you can precisely adjust the bias level of the power valves. The Cayin 9088D boosts 78 Watts of pure power to faithfully reproduce every kind of music with a wide range of different speakers.

800MK Mono Power Amplifier
These powerful mono amps, a fully symmetrical design, feature a very special output tube. The GU-29, a double tetrode, originally designed for ultra short wave transmission. This tube allows fast transients and an almost unlimited frequency response covering well more then the usable audio bandwith. Equipped with high end audio capacitors in the signal path and a tightly selected quartet of “new old stock” output tubes it creates a wide three dimensional soundstage with astonishing punch and dynamic impact. It will capture the listener with an incomparable recreation of live music.

Cayin 860 Mono Power Amp
Working in the ultra linear mode, each Cayin 860 mono power amp boosts 70 watts of stable power.  An array of four 6550 valves ensures rich dynamic sound reproduction. In the triode mode (switchable at the front plate) this pair of amplifiers works extremely linear and shows no signs of sonic harshness. You are free to choose your speakers nearly without any limits. By using the bias level indicator at the front plate, you can easily check and adjust the bias voltage of each single power valve.

Power Amplifier Cayin SP-40M
This power amp matches the pre amplifier Cayin SP-30S from the concept and design. If you think you need more power or flexibility than our integrated amp can provide, you should have a close look at that one: it boosts 40 watts x 2, which is more than sufficient to drive most speakers. This power output is archived by a larger mains transformer and a combination of four KT88-EH, one 12AX7 and two 12AU7 valves. The whole design is simple, but straight: the 20-kilo component is available with different wooden cabinets accompanied by a heavy aluminium front. The sound reflects the classical appearance of the SP series and reminds of a time when valve components weren’t analytical at all.

Headphone amplifier CAYIN HA-1A
Universal: the Cayin HA-1A can be used as a headphone amp  as well as an preamp or even an integrated amplifier. The 2 x 2.2 watt in ultralinear mode should be sufficient for high efficiency loudspeakers. The EL-84 tubes can be switched into Triode mode. A switchable impedance from 6 to 300 W allows a perfect matching with your headphones for maximum sound quality.

"The HA-1A may be the best thing that's ever happened to headphones...champagne sound for beer-budget bucks." Sam Tellig, Stereophile, June 2006

Cayin PS-2MM – vacuum tube phono stage
The use of selected capacitors and resistors with tight tolerances ensure the exact matching of the RIAA-equalisation. The Gain and output stages utilize two 12 AX7 tubes. A huge shielded toroidal power transformer and discrete dc power supply regulation is used to provide a smooth, dynamic and lifelike music reproduction with a stable soundstage.
The PS-2 MC incorporates two multiple-shielded mono step-up transformers providing sufficient gain for low output MC-cartridges. A warm and musical reproduction of records will satisfy the most critical analogue listeners.

Cayin PS-2MC – vacuum tube phono stage

The use of selected capacitors and resistors with tight tolerances ensure the exact matching of the RIAA-equalisation. The Gain and output stages utilize two 12 AX7 tubes. A huge shielded toroidal power transformer and discrete dc power supply regulation is used to provide a smooth, dynamic and lifelike music reproduction with a stable soundstage.
The PS-2 MC incorporates two multiple-shielded mono step-up transformers providing sufficient gain for low output MC-cartridges. A warm and musical reproduction of records will satisfy the most critical analogue listeners.

Cayin PS-6 – vacuum tube phono stage MM/MC

The Lyric PS-6 is build for all tube-focused audiophiles, who expect the best from tube design, and for all who want to improve their transistor amplifier with a complex tube phono stage to have a fuller, more alive sound reproduction. A no compromise design by our tube specialist, Sefan Noll, the PS-6 has many features to make it a reference phono stage. Carefully selected components in a genuine circuit offers the basis for excellent channel equality with accurate adherence tothe RIAA curve. Deviations from the standardized sheath characteristic for vinyl plate remain within a minimum tolerance of +/-0.3 dB.

The tube complement joins in experts for it, sensual hearing approaches you: 4 x 12AX7 and 2 x 12AU7 are present. The high signal to noise ratio is a further indication for the long experience in the use of vacuum tube circuits. The PS-6 has both Chinch sockets and symmetrical XLR output. Their internal configuration depends on the requirements of the user. Is a Phono MM entrance with 50k standard ? When desired there is the MC module with 100 ohms. If the Lyric phono with preliminary stage is suitable for a whole set of applications, one is common to all to have an exact and fluid sound.