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Stereo Fono Preamplifier

The Fono is characterised by the use of just two active stage in the signal path.

  • Extreme quality input transformer is used as well as output transformer.
  • Highly reduced level of noise is one of the characteristics of this unit.
  • Real point to point circuitry.
  • External 300B power supply
  • Automotive lacquer with Metalized Black finish. Many colors available on request.
  • Tube complement: 2 x 6C45P; 2 x 12AX7LPS; 2 x 300B

Little Solista

Verona XL

Single Ended Power Amplifier. Designed to have a fast and natural musical behaviour, with an impressive energy delivery and bass punch. Short path in the circuit , use of the best electronic and mechanical parts, handwired strictly point to point construction, high quality transformers and chokes designed specifically, are some of the characteristics that lead this amplifier to the finest music reproduction. The chassis is made with solid aluminium, with automotive varnish. The output binding posts are made with palladium plated massive copper. Zero feedback circuitry is used ..

Approaching the sonic performance of the amazing Aurora T with slightly less power and at a more affordable price, the Verona XL monoblocks are the evolution of the original Verona amplifier that received the 2000 Golden Ear Award in The Absolute Sound magazine.

The circuit comprises only two zero-feedback, single-ended class A stages, in order to have the shortest signal path. Inside these monoblocks there are no printed circuit boards. Rather, as in all of their products, Viva employs strictly point-to-point, hand-soldered wiring of all components. Yes, this very labor-intensive process is not inexpensive, but it is the only way to achieve the quality of music reproduction that Viva has become known for worldwide

The power tube is the 845 direct heated tube while two 845 (or 211) power triodes are utilized as rectifiers, in order to deliver the energy in the fastest way. Tube rectification for high-voltage, high current triodes was not considered practical, as generally available rectifier tubes could not withstand the voltages and currents required by high-power SET circuits. Then, the designer Amedeo Schembri came upon the elegant solution of using the same tubes wired as rectifiers that were being used as output tubes...and voila...Magic...Music...with the power and authority of the live event, unlike any other SET made. Again, Schembri melds art and science to achieve a very special result:

  • Tube complement: 2 x 211; 1 x 845; 1 x 6H30p
  • Power Output: 28W Unbalanced and balanced input
  • Even better than the TAS 2000 Golden Ear Award winning Verona
  • 2 Stage, zero-feedback, pure Class A circuit
  • 845 Single-ended triode output
  • 845 or 211 user-selectable tube rectification
  • Vastly superior transformers to what is usually commercially available
  • wide range of colors available by request


The Preciso Integrated Amplifier is the smallest Viva Integrated Amplifier. It features a Class-A Push Pull circuit. As with every Viva product, high quality parts and transformers are used.

Automotive lacquer with a wide range of colors available.

Linea XP

Based on the new russian 6c45 dual-triode, the new Linea 45 linestage brings unparalleled musical impact to any system, compared to other linestages costing sometimes several times as much. Besides the "hot-rod" purist amenities that even allow the no-comprimise, single-source user to bypass the selector switch, the Linea 45 also offers a motor-driven remote volume control, for those wishing for more convenience without sacrificing sound quality with digital volume pots. There is also a second, volume-ganged, gain-adjustable, buffered output, for use with a subwoofer. The Linea 45 avoids the degradation introduced by the usual output capacitors, by employing an extremely high-quality output/coupling transformer, designed with special core materials. This also allows the use of long interconnects, if necessary, without any degradation in signal quality. Most noticeable are the unit's exceptional dynamic capabilities. At both micro- and macro-levels, dynamic shadings and headroom seem limitless. Deep, tight, accurate bass combines with a transparent and liquid midrange and a sense of openness and lack of compression in the upper-frequencies that few others can even approach. More than anything else, though, the Linea 45 gets out of the way of the music and lets you feel the emotion of the composer and the performance.

Linea 2A3 Power Supply
This thing is bigger and heavier than many tube power amps! Taking the amazing Linea 45 to an even higher level, the 2A3-rectified power supply uses specially manufactured power transformers, for which Viva utilizes higher quality core materials than most commercially available tube manufacturers use even in their very best output transformers, the power supply delivers fast, clean and generous energy to the very special pre-amplification circuit of the Linea 45.

  • Stereo Preamplifier
  • One Active Stage for shortest path zero feedback single ended class A circuit featuring low noise and fast musical behaviour
  • Extremely high-quality output transformer, built with special materials.
  • Real point to point circuitry.
  • Buffered second Output with level control, ready for bi-amplification
  • Four Line Inputs , One direct Input, One XLR Input
  • Unbalanced and Balanced Outputs
  • Output Impedance 130 Ohms allows long output cables.
  • External 300B power supply
  • Optional remote controlled volume control
  • Aluminium Chassis for non magnetic property
  • Automotive lacquer with Metalized Black finish. Many colors available on request.
  • Tube complement: 2 x 6C45P 2 x 6N1P 2 x 300B


Single Ended Integrated Amplifier. Designed to have fast and natural musical behavior, with an impressive energy delivery and bass punch. This high performance design applies the Viva philosophies at the highest level in an integrated amplifier. The short circuit path, the construction, the use of the best electronic and mechanical parts, strict point to point handwired construction, the high quality transformers and chokes designed specifically for this model, are some of the characteristics that raise this amplifier to the finest level of music reproduction. The chassis is made with solid aluminium, painted with automotive lacquer. The output binding posts are made with palladium plated massive copper. Among other characteristics are the zero feedback circuitry and the fast power supply using 211 tubes in the power supply section.

The Solista, with its same 845 output tubes and tube rectification as the Aurora, and a preamp section based on the same amazing 6c45 tube that forms the heart of the spectacular Linea 45 preamp, delivers incredible bang-for-the-buck. Try to find any high-end linestage or amplifier at this price that can deliver the performance of the Solista, let alone do both for one price. Designer Amedeo Schembri is single-handedly challenging previous beliefs that the integrated amplifier must necessarily be inferior to separates. Again, through careful implementation of power supply design, combined with brilliantly creative, yet simple circuit topologies that employ only the finest, carefully selected components, Schembri has re-written the book on what is possible from a single chassis. This amplifier, which features remote volume control, delivers the heart and soul of the music like no other integrated amplifier in the world. The familiar Viva sound, which is both liquid, yet extended in both frequency extremes, brings all the power, impact and control of the big high-end contenders. Not for a moment, though, does it sacrifice the delicacy, emotion and sheer musicality, that, otherwise, only live music is able to evoke. Viva's top-of-the-line integrated is becoming famous at audio shows for making speakers "sound better than ever..." combining power and finesse to create a musical experience that can only be surpassed by Viva's own large monoblocks via the Linea 45 linestage.

  • Tube complement: 2 x 211 ; 2 x 845 ; 2 x 6SN7 ; 2 x 6C45p
  • four line inputs and one direct input
  • one buffered line output
  • Direct heated triodes
  • Single-ended 845 output
  • Zero feedback
  • Pure Class A
  • Point-to-point handwired
  • Remote volume control
  • Direct amplifier input
  • Buffered auxiliary pre-out
  • Massive custom transformers
  • User selectable 211 or 845 rectification
  • wide range of colors available by request